Snättringe runs international

We are happy to see that our runners manage to qualify for international orienteering events to measure themself with the best in the world. Read here what Peleg, Sahar, Elia and Joschi did qualify for and how you can follow the races.

Already today the first World Cup round starts in Switzerland with a Knock-Out Sprint and a normal Sprint and there are two members from Snättringe taking part: Sahar and Peleg. Today is the qualification for the Knock-Out Sprint where Sahar runs in Heat B and Peleg in Heat C. Saturday and Sunday you can follow the races live in TV on SVT around 12 o'clock.

Already one week later (1-2 June) the World Cup continues in Italy with a Sprint and Sprint-Relay.

For both Peleg and Sahar Sprint is the main focus this year and probably it is also easier to train Sprints in Israel. So it will be exciting to follow them during the races and see what they can achieve against he best in the world.

 Sahar and Peleg in Switzerland

For Elia and Joschi the big goal was to qualify for the JWOC later this year. And both did manage to qualify! Also Sahar will represent his country there, so a total of three Snättringe members will run JWOC this year. The event will take place in Czechia 30 June-7 July.

Joschi expects well organised competitions and terrains that could suit him well. After taking a medal already last year in the relay and a 7th place in the long, his expectations are high, but he also knows that the fight for a diploma and medal is fought hard between many talented Juniors.

Elia: "Because it‘s my first ever JWOC I want to gain a lot of experience and show 5 stable races. I’m looking a bit more forward to the forest races and especially to the forest relay where I’ll run with two very good friends, where one is our club mate Joschi."

Joschi and Elia

We wish them all good luck! And hope they can achieve their goals

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