Topp232023 - Block 3 : Uthållighet

I hope everybody had a good start in to the year 2023! We start the new year with one of the most important parts of your training: Endurance

Endurance training is not only one of the most important parts of your training, it should also be the one you gather most hours in. Why is endurance so important? To simplify things a little: Endurance is the base where you build the rest on top. That base has to be stable and wide. Else the top colapses too.

A common mistake is, to run those easy sessions too fast. If you train by pulse, you should stay inside 70-75% of your max. pulse. Else you can maybe try the rule of thumb that you should still be able to talk full sentences fluently.

A common idea is to run 80% of all the training sessions slow and easy. And 20% fast and hard. 

Training Orienteering is by the way difficult to do in the correct range of intensity, since the uneaven ground and a lot of climbs make it hard to keep the pulse low, so you often end up in a medium intensity which is not giving you the best possible training effect. You end up less fresh for the important fast sessions.

Highlight: Klubbmatch mot OK Södertörn

At the 14/1 we compete against Södertörn! Everyone who participates contributes points and we want to win! 4 different courses to choose from and we meet at the Haninge clubhouse. Therefore we need everybody to help us secure the victory! More information and registration here


Programm for the next 2 weeks:

2/1: Indoor Intervalls Störangshallen

7/1  Långpass - Källbrink

Afterwards the normal weekly club shedule starts again:

9/1 Intervallträning Ungdomar

       Indoor Intervalls Störängshallen

10/1  Tisdagsintervaller med gympa

11/1 Mareld Stockholm by Night #3

12/1 Klubträning

14/1  Klubbmatch mot OK Södertörn - Register now


Next 2 weeks block will be Orienteering Basics. 

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