New runner - welcome Elia Gartmann

Elia Gartmann has decided to run for Snättringe, a Swiss runner that is part of the Swiss Junior National Squad as well as his local club OLG Chur. Now he is going to spend the next half year in Huddinge. Read more about Elia here.

Elia will be in Huddinge until the end of this year, and plans to join in the future for the big relays and other important competitions, to contribute to the club or also to just develop his orienteering skills in Nordic terrains. Which of course works perfect in the nice and technical terrains near Huddinge and together with Snättringe.

Actually, Elia was already part of the last weekend with Middle SM. But he has sprained his ancle twice this year already, so he cannot run full speed at the moment.

We wish a fast recovery with your ankle and a lot of fun in Sweden!


Here follows a short presentation of Elia:

Born: 15/2-2005

Lives in Chur, south easter corner of Switzerland. Chur is the capital and biggest town in the region of Graubünden. It is the neighboring city of where Flavio Poltera is living and also very close to where WOC2023 was held in July. Where Elia had the honor to be the “flower boy” at the price giving. Unfortunately, he could not join for SOW later, as many of SSK did, because of his sprained ankle. 

Elia's Profile on the Swiss Orienteering Webpage

Education: Gymnasium

Interests: other endurance sports as cycling, xc-skiing and trailrunning, alpine skiing, cooking

Best results in orienteering:

-     EYOC 2021: 6th long distance

-     JEC 2022: 4th sprint

-     5x Swiss Champion Junior Classes

-     2 victories Swiss overall ranking Junior classes


How did you start to run orienteering? Do you come from a typical orienteering family?

I started when I was 12 years old with an orienteering course for beginners at my local club OLG Chur. A year later also my younger sister Luisa started orienteering and now my mother does it as well.


What are your goals in orienteering?

One big goal is to win a medal at an international championship for example at JWOC. Another goal is to have a season without big injuries.


Why did you decide to run for Snättringe SK?

Because I planned to spend half a year in Sweden after graduating gymnasium and then Flavio Poltera offered me the possibility fulfill this plan with Snättringe SK.


Nice memory of orienteering?

Running the last leg of the JugendCup Relay in Switzerland, where we won with our regional youth team for the first time again since 1985.

Beating Joschi (more about Joschi Schmid soon) in the finishsprint at the ArgeAlp-Relay.


Interesting fact, that not many know?

Before I started orienteering I was an alpine skier and I even did Breakdance for a year.


Short questions:

Sprint, Middle, Long or Ultralong? Long in alpine terrain above the forest, but else middle

Day or night? Day

Relay or Individual race? individual race

Flat or steep terrain? steep, especially if it goes uphill

Moose (Älg) or Swiss Mountain Goat (Capricorn)? Of course Swiss Mountain Goat as it‘s on the emblem of Graubünden, the region where I live

Pippi Långstrump or Heidi? Also here going with the Swiss version: Heidi, because I really like the Alps

Oringen or SOW: Although I really love alpine terrain, staying on the Oringen Camping is just a better experience and the stages don‘t get cancelled at Oringen ;)

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