New runner - welcome Lucie Janoušková

After running already 25manna for SSK, Lucie has decided to run more relays for us the comming year. Get to know more about Lucie in this article.

Most might know that Lucie has already been running for Snättringe SK in the recent 25manna, running the 2. Leg in the 2nd team. Now we are very happy to announce that she has decided to run more races for us the comming years. After focusing on her studies the recent years, she is motivated to train more focused again.  

Birth year: 1999

Club in Czechia: OK Jiskra Nový Bor

Job: Civil Engineering student with specialization of Building Services Systems in Prague, working like designer in the field I study

Biggest success: getting bachelor's degree

When did you start orienteering, how did you get in touch with orienteering? I got in touch with orienteering through my classmate´s parents’ friend when I was 9 yo. He prepared a training in Česká Lípa (Editor’s note: where the World Cup was held last year, Simon did run those races) and I liked it.

How is orienteering in Czechia? Do you have something special that you have not seen in Sweden or somewhere else? Orienteering is getting more popular in Czech Republic and I would say the most interesting is to run in sandstone terrain.

In Czech Republic we have E, R, A, B, C licensing. You start with license C, when you are 12. That’s the basic for everyone. You can reach B if you get into the best runners in leaderboard in the ranking races. Then the same in DH14 with license A. To achieve E and R you need to be placed 20th in Czech championship or in World or European championship. You lose your ranking again when you reach DH21 or when you have bad results only. There is a table where all the conditions on how to receive which licensing is shown, it is quite complicated.

With A, E, R license you have access to run Czech championship, if you don’t have it, you need to get some number of points to be placed well in ranking system and then you get permission to take part.

How did you get in contact with Snättringe SK? Through Flavio who introduced me to Simon and his family and they then invited me to join the club for 25manna

What is your favorite terrain? Which map in Czechia should people give a try? I prefer flat terrains around Hradec Králové, but its fun to try new ones. I think people would enjoy the maps with sandstones.

What is your goal in Orienteering? To get closer to the women running in Czech National Team. 

Strong point: pursue my own goals

Weakness: get angry very easily

Mark your favorites:

Sprint, Middle, Long or Ultralong?
Day or Night? 
Relay or Individual? – but it was fun to run relays in Sweden, the community is totally different from Czech Republic.
Flat or Steep?

Welcome to Snättringe SK Lucie!

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