Ny löpare: Välkommen Peleg Mitzafon

Peleg, en ung israelisk orienterare, har sökt sig till klubben för att utvecklas. Han kommer att komma till Sverige senare i vår, men här kommer en liten introduktion för att lära känna honom.


Det är mycket glädjande att se att unga löpare vill söka sig till Snättringe och det är spännande att kunna presentera en ny klubbmedlem som passar mycket väl in i gruppen med våra unga och ambitiösa löpare. Peleg kommer att bli ett fint tillskott i satsningen Topp232023 och framöver. Dessutom är det skoj att kunna välkomna en löpare med så stora ambitioner från en mindre orienteringsnation.

Pelegs första tävling i Snättringetröjan blir troligen veckan innan 10mila och det ska bli roligt att få med honom i 10mila-lagen.



Här följer en intervju med Peleg gjord av Flavio Poltéra: 


Name: Peleg Mitzafon (פלג מצפון in Hebrew, which is read from right to left)
Birth year:

Israeli club: Lev Hasharon Menashe

Biggest success:
10th and 11th place in Sprint and long at the EYOC 2021 in Lithuania (H18). (Alltså före alla svenska löpare. EYOC = Ungdoms-EM. reds.anm.) Israeli No 1 Ranking H18.

When did you start orienteering, how did you get in touch with orienteering?

I started with orienteering at the age of 12 at school. We had an opportunity to go to an orienteering lesson and my father told me to go:). Then we had league competitions between other schools and I saw that I'm good at it and it also was very enjoyable for me so I just continued with it ever since.

Interesting fact about orienteering in Israel?

The orienteering season in Israel is the opposite then Sweden. It starts around October until May. During the winter there is really good weather here for orienteering, but in the summer it's too hot and dry to go out to the forest. So probably it's better to be in Scandinavia in the summer.

How did you get in contact with Snättringe SK?

Last summer I was in Sweden for 3 weeks as part of my preparation for the EYOC in Lithuania and I really enjoyed it. After the EYOC I was looking for a Swedish coach and with the help of a friend I got in touch with Joel Börjesson Eriksson, we started to work together and then I thought that it would be nice to come to Sweden for a training camp and to run 10mila, so the obvious choice was to join Snättringe. And of course, Snättringe has some really strong guys and also some guys at my age so I think we can do some big things in the future.

What is your favorite terrain? Which map in Israel should people give a try?

My favorite terrain is probably a terrain with lots of contour details and I think that if the forest is dense and green it's even more interesting because it makes everything more difficult.

I think people should try the Israeli Sand dunes terrain, we have some really nice sand dunes here near the coast. 

What is your goal in Orienteering?

To be the best orienteer I can. But for the next 2 years my goal is to be the first Israeli JWOC medalist.

Strong point: Downhill running, I have no fear when I run downhills.
Weakness: Night orienteering. I did it only a few times in my life and I don't remember it as a good memory :)


Fun fact?

I am not the only good orienteer in my Family: My sister (W16) is the best orienteer in Israel for her age.


Mark your favorites:
Sprint, Middle, Long or Ultralong?
Day or Night?
Relay or Individual?
Flat or Steep?






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