Topp232023 - Block 2 : Styrka/Power

I hope everybody of you had a good start in to the wintertraining period. Startblocket is now over and it is time to prepare our body for the upcoming training load with a new block: Styrka/Power

Strength is important to have a good running form and also to prevent injuries. Especially in orienteering there is also a big component of beeing stable on uneaven ground and therefore being able to mentain a high speed in the forest.

During strength sessions it is most important to do the movements properly and controlled. Else you risk injuries. You can find many videos on youtube (for example this) that inspire you with exercises. Or you can check out Snättringes styrkebibliotek. Try to mix some different exercises in to your usually favourite exercises. You body is making bigger progress, if you mix things up, instead of doing the same thing over and over again.

Ideas for the Power part of the block are: include jumps in to your strength sessions, short intervalls, running in deep snow  and so on. Everything that needs some extra effort to move fast and therefor combines strength and movement. Todays (Monday) indoor intervalls for example, since there will be short intervalls with long breaks in between.

Before the club trainings go to a christmas break, there is still a week with many trainings offered. Short reminder of this week:
Monday: Inomhusintervaller Storängshallen
                Intervallträning - ungdomar Källbrink
Tuesday: Tisdagsintervaller med gympa (do not forget your lamp)
Wednesday: Natt Sprint Cup Etapp 2 (register today!)
Thursday: Klubbträning Källbrink

Try to keep up with training during christmas, especially for strength sessions you can always find time, and post inside trainingspepp in Facebook if you go training, so others can join.

Also do not forget about our running goal, are you still on track? If you hear about it for the first time: read more about it here

I wish you and your family merry christmas and a good start in to the new year.
We will start 2023 with an Uthållighet block

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