New runner - welcome Sahar Eshel

After already competing for Snättringe in the recent Swedish League and Stafetligan, it is time for us to get to know our new member Sahar. Get to know him and his goals here.

We are happy to welcome Sahar to the team. A strong runner who has high ambitions in sprint, and also wants to develop in the forest.

Name: Sahar Eshel, סהר אשל in Hebrew (do not forget to read from right to left)

Birth year: 2005

Israeli club: Lev Hasharon Menashe

Job: fitness coach

Biggest success: 36th place JWOC 2023 Sprint.

When did you start orienteering, how did you get in touch with orienteering?

I started orienteering at the age of 13, I got in touch with orienteering in school at first.

How is the orienteering season in Israel?(Other interesting facts about orienteering in Israel?)

The orienteering season in Israel is very special because we have forest season and sprint season.
Also interesting because the forest season is in the winter and a bit at the begining of the spring.
sprint season is in the fall and the end of spring.
The off season is actually on the summer.

How did you got in contact with Snättringe SK?

I got contact with snättringe SK thanks to Peleg when I came to Sweden at 2022 at the first time and later with Yoav who joined to the club some months after.

What is your favourite terrain? Which map in Israel should people give a try?

My favourite terrein is the sandstones terrein in Czech Republic, I went there few times and it was also pretty fun.
I think that people should try the map of Odem forest in Israel and also one of the Kibbutz’s(community villages in Israel) sprint maps.

What is your goal in orienteering? Goals in 2024?

My goal in orienteering is to be good as I can and to earn as many experiences I can from that amazing sport.
My goal in 2024 is to get the highest place I can at the JWOC sprint and good results in the forest.

Strong points:

running, I have 8:52 in 3000m and 32:32 at 10000m.

Weakness: bad runability forests

Something special about you?

I really like also to plan courses and to make sprint maps too, last year I made 3 new sprint maps in Israel and planned a lot of courses for trainings and competitions in Israel.

Mark your favourites:

Sprint, Middle, Long or Ultralong?
Day or Night
Relay or Individual
Flat or steep


(Picture from JWOC2023)

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