New runner - welcome Joschi Schmid

Joschi Schmid, a Swiss runner that is part of the Swiss Junior National Squad as well as his local club OL Regio Wil, is moving to Huddinge for half a year and has decided to run for Snättringe. Read more about Joschi here.

Joschi will be in Huddinge until the end of this year and plans to join in the future for the big relays and other important competitions, to contribute to the club or also to just develop his orienteering skills in Nordic terrains. Which of course works perfectly in the nice and technical terrains near Huddinge and together with Snättringe.


His first race for Snättringe will be SM-Natt. This year he won the Swiss Night-O Championship. Let’s see what is possible in Sweden in a totally different terrain and with a lot less experience at night than most Swedish runners.
Also this summer he was part of the Swiss Junior Team at JWOC2023 in Romania.  With the following results:

21. Sprint 13. in Middle, 7. Long and a silver medal at the relay!


We wish you a lot of fun in Sweden!


Here follows a short presentation of Joschi:

Born: 9. June 2004

Lives in Rossrüti, in the northeastern part of Switzerland. Rossrüti is a small village close to Wil. Wil is the center of the orienteering club OL Regio Wil, in which also the Hubmann brothers (Daniel and Martin) grew up and are still active members of the club.

Joschi’s Profile on the Swiss Orienteering Webpage

Education: Gymnasium with focus on economics.

Interests: Other sports, such as cross-country skiing and ski mountaineering, athletics and football...

Best results in orienteering:

·        Silver Medal at the JWOC Relay 2023

·        7th at JWOC Long 2023

·        Silver Medal at JEC Long 2022


How did you start to run orienteering? Do you come from a typical orienteering family?

I enjoyed endurance running from an early age. At the age of nine, I went on a trial week for orienteering with a friend. I immediately enjoyed it so much that I decided to make this sport to my favorite hobby. And since then, my motivation has never faded up until now. In addition, I was able to motivate my family to join actively in this sport.


What are your goals in orienteering?

My goal is to win an individual medal at the JWOC 2024 in my last year as a junior. Other than that, I just want to have fun running through new, unknown terrain and navigating to controls.

Additionally, I wouldn’t mind helping Snättringe SK to get into the top ranks in the big relays ;)


How was the experience at JWOC?

I think what describes it best is a mental rollercoaster.

On the one hand it's the perfect "holiday week" with your friends in a foreign country and lots of orienteering.

On the other hand, there is the constant tension, pressure to perform, tears of disappointment and tears of joy.

At the end you are just grateful for the experience :)


Why did you decide to run for Snättringe SK?

Since I finished school, I wanted to use this year for a gap year. At first, I planned to go to an orienteering gymnasium. But since they were not very open to Swiss people, Flavio Poltera gave me the option to join Snättringe with Elia Gartmann, my friend for years and possibly one of my toughest competitors.


Nice memory of orienteering?

I spent 4 months in Vancouver with my family. Once there was an orienteering competition in the wilderness of Canada. I was about 14 years old and decided to compete in the elite category for fun. It was my first time to be in the woods by myself for 2 hours, going through woods that probably only the map maker and I had ever gone through before. That felt like real orienteering.


Sprint, Middle, Long or Ultralong?

Day or night?

Relay or Individual race?

Flat or steep terrain?

Moose (Älg) or Swiss Mountain Goat (Steinbock)? I go with moose; I have seen many Mountain Goats and they are almost basic for me and with moose I only have heard dramatic stories about how large they are.

Pippi Långstrump or Heidi?

Oringen or SOW?

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