Tiomila 2024

Finally it was time for one of the big relays of the year. Tiomila in Nynäshamn. After the edition in 2018 for the second time at Nynäshamn. 5 Youth Teams, 4 Men Teams (one of them in combination with our friends from Czechia, TSM Kralovehradecko) and 3 Women Teams did face the challenge. Read here how it went for us

The Friday evening before the Relay the mens and womens team did have a nice dinner in the clubhouse to start the weekend and get the last motivation and some maybe also had to calm down the nerves a bit and some last preparation was done.

Friday in the Clubhouse

Most runners did know what to expect from the terrain, but not so the Youth Teams, who probably did not run there in 2018 yet. But as usual, despite the new tiomila relay setup, the Youth Teams had to go out first and set the tracks in the untouched forrest. We could see many great performances and everybody did try to orienteer as good as possible which resulted in good races, with the best Snättringe Team finishing in a great 13th place. The other teams finished on position 68, 172, 198 and 233.


After the Youth was done, it was soon time to test the new setup. Three men legs in the afternoon to start of the relay. To be continued, after a short break, in the night until the early morning. Also here we could see many good performances and everybody was fighting hard to send out their team as early as they can to the next leg. The first team managed to finish for the first time in modern times inside the Top40, with a 38th place. The best result for the mens team since 1970 and a 3rd place. The mixed team finished 93, Team 2 as 107th and Team 3 had to unfortunatly accept the only misspunch by Snättringe this weekend.

After the men had finished their day legs, it was time for the first two night legs in the womens Tiomila history. Afterwards they had a break and continued in the morning to end their now 6 legs. Again we could see many good performances and everybody was fighting hard to finish their legs as soon as possible. Team 1 could impress with a new all time high 68th position, with Team 2 (167th) and Team 3 (170th) having a tight battle between each other, as planned beforehand.

SSK follows the Relay in the arena

Despite achieving our best results in modern times, on both womens and mens side, the hunger for more is clearly there. With both teams still beeing rather (or very) young, the future looks bright and higher goals can be aimed for.

A big thank you to the support team who was taking care of all our needs and made sure we are ready to do our best orienteering out there.

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