JWOC 2024 in Czechia

On this years Junior World Orienteering Championship Snättringe SK was present with 3 runners. Elia, Joschi and Sahar. Read here to see who took a medal this year

The races took place around Plzeň, about 80km west of the captial city Praha. After last years Silver medal in the relay, Joschi was eager to have good results this year again. For Sahar it was his second JWOC, while for Elia it was his first.


Sprint Relay

The sprint relay took place around some big buildings with a lot of runnable gras areas around them. Finishing with first a passage through an amphitheater, some controls in very runnable forrest and the finish inside the amphitheater.
It started very well for the Snättringe runners, with a silver medal for Elia!

(Joschi ran in an other swiss team, but only the best team of a country counts at JWOC, Sahar had no team)



Afterwards the week continued with a Sprint race in an old town center with many difficult route choices and in the end a route choice over a deep valley with many options.

Sprint Results for our runners:
Joschi 12.
Elia 23.
Sahar 62.




The longdistance took place in a quite hilly terrain with quite runnable open forrest but also some green areas. Elia and Joschi were not super happy with their races, especially since those 2-3 mistakes costed them a much better result in the end.

Longdistance Results for our runners:
Joschi 12.
Elia 17.
Sahar 92.



The middledistance took place in a very open and fast terrain. Many detailed small valleys forced the runners to be very precise and avoid costly time loses. Again our runners did not fully succed in doing so. But you could also see the potential with some really fast sections as fast as the best that day.

Middledistance Results for our runners:
Joschi 20.
Elia 31.
Sahar 121.



The relay was again taking place in very similar terrain as the middle. Just on the other side of a road. Again you could see that time losses are very costly in such terrain. Our runners either ran in the slower team of the country (only the fastest counts) or did not have enough team members to build a team.

As alwas at JWOC the week was also used to meet other orienteering enthusiasts and make many new friends from all over the world

Pictures: Preview by Elia, all others: JWOC2024 photographers. Find more here

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